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Meet The Team


Lurion Yee

Chief Investment Officer and General Partner

Lurion is an experienced blockchain entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Xingularity, a startup that focuses on providing blockchain and distributed ledger advisory, project built-up, investor relation and tech co-op. In 2018, he co-founded Neconomic Interactive, a company that provides blockchain as a service for middleware and protocol projects. He is one of the founding members and General Partner of Cardinal Capital, and  currently assuming the role of Chief Investment Officer.


Dr. Liew Chung Yee

Principal and Project Director

​Dr. Liew is the Project Director for Neconomic Interactive, a sister company of Cardinal Capital which focuses on providing outsourcing service to blockchain projects. He also assumes the role of Principle in Cardinal Capital. Before joining Cardinal and Neconomic Interactive, he was an Assistant Professor in Economics and has taught Economics, International Trade and Quantitative Technique, Money and Financial Technology in UTAR Perak Campus. He has studied Statistics and Economics in Universiti Putra Malaysia. His researches covered Development, FinTech, Blockchain and Big Data/Data Analytics. Prior to his position in UTAR, he also has worked as researcher in market research firm, and analyst in gaming and banking industries. He has experience in various areas and tasks of research and analysis operations from data management and data analysis up to research project leader. His attachment with these industries gained him valuable experiences and techniques in SAS software. 


David Yang

General Partner

Founder of Malaysia & SG DavidJustin Block-chain Academy 

Crypto currency Technical Analysis Specialist 

Crypto currency international Speaker 


Justin Tan

General Partner

Founder of Malaysia & SG David Justin Blockchain Academy 

Blockchain Cryptocurrency KOL in Malaysia and SG

Blockchain Cryptocurrency International Speaker


David Lim

Principal and Project Director

Founder of Malaysia & SG David Justin Blockchain Academy

Blockchain and Mining Specialist

Blockchain and Mining International Speaker


David Tan

General Partner

David is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Neconomic Interactive, a company which is focuses on providing outsourcing service to blockchain projects. He currently focuses in the private equity investment fund and tech startup in Malaysia and Singapore, including the management of startups involving in P2P platform and renewal energy power plant project in Malaysia. He has vast experience in business development in innovative technology and equity investment. He is also a General Partner of Cardinal Capital.


BP Ooi

Co-Founder and General Partner

Boon Ping is a visionary Technopreneur, Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor. He is one of the co-founders for many blockchain-related companies including Cardinal Capital, Neconomic Interactive, AIDA TechNews, etc., and currently, he serves as the Co-founder of Cardinal Capital, an emerging venture capital focuses in investing and nurturing embryonic blockchain technologies.He also assume the role of advisor for many companies in implementing e-wallet & blockchain to their operation. He is also the founding member Crypto Valley Malaysia, an independent organization with a mission to build Asia’s leading ecosystem for blockchain and cryptographic technologies in Malaysia.


Jared Ong

General Partner

Jared is an experience Asset Manager for a leading provider of financial service provider in Malaysia. He is also a visionary Angel Investor. Currently, he serves as a General Partner in Cardinal Capital, an emerging venture capital focuses in investing and nurturing embryonic blockchain technologies. Jared has vast experience in network marketing.


Kean Hon

General Partner

Kean Hon has been involved in blockchain induestry for many years. He has founded Avant Quione Sdn Bhd in 2014 and has valuable experience in managing blockchain projects, especially in trading platforms. Kean Hon has a strong connection in China, where he has successfully raised more than 10 millions dollar in the past year for few blockchain projects. He is also a seed investor of and now, a General Partner and Marketing & Strategic Partner in Cardinal Capital.


Garn Lim

General Partner

Garn is a highly-motivated, consistent and articulate Business Advisor with more than 10 years of experience in investment banking and corporate finance. He has vast expertise in advising and supporting businesses from a variety of industries. He has been instrumental in both changing the businesses’ operations and also negotiating finance deals and securing investment for clients. His skills and ability to develop client relationships has resulted in an increase in positive feedback and higher ratings from the organizations that he has worked with. He is also an experienced entrepreneur whose start-ups have successfully attracted funding from conventional VCs. He is a General Partner of Cardinal Capital.


Anson Tan

Strategic Investment Officer

Anson is an experienced trader with more than 2 years involvement in the crypto derivative markets. In 2019, he has successfully built a stable and outstanding trading performance with an annual return of 1600%. He is currently engaged in his own crypto discord group with more than 1,500 members as a professional analyst advising a crypto fund size of 10Mil USD. He is also one of the crypto trading speakers in DavidJustin Blockchain Academy and has obtained more than 12,000 subscribers on his crypto trading knowledge YouTube channel (Anson Tan [The Tradveller]).

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